What are your talents?


Now don’t say you haven’t got any, that is rubbish. We all do. Some talents are just there. Others can come as quite a surprise. Discovering them is a matter of wonder.


Jesus’ point is quite a simple one. Be they small or great we have a duty to use our God given talents for good in this world. No one is exempt. Now this does not mean we all need to become world leaders; a smile can make someone’s day! But this story teaches how God will not accept that our talents went unused for the common good. We are called to make a difference here and now.


So, does having a faith make a difference?


Followers of most religions would say so, but of course just what that difference is will vary wildly from group to group. For Christians, this strange belief that God became a human being (jargon word ‘Incarnation’), that he lived a life as an ordinary manual worker in a remote part of the middle east, became a wandering Rabbi, and whose teaching still rings round the world today, is hard for some to credit. But believe it we do, and hopefully it makes a positive contribution to the way we live our lives now and is not just a spiritual hope for the future.


But faith should do that anyway. As the former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, who shared Jesus’ race and profession, put it, “I believe faith is part of what makes us human. It is a basic attitude of trust that always goes beyond the available evidence, but without which we could do nothing great. Without faith in one another we could not risk the vulnerability of love. Without faith in the future, we would not choose to have a child. Without faith in the intelligibility of the universe we could not do science. Without faith in our fellow citizens, we could not have a free society.” (Times obit 9/11/20.)


I think that Jesus might just agree. Lord Sacks died recently. What an interesting conversation they must be having!