Theis week it has been or shortly will be the end of term for many schools. Do you remember how as kids we longed for the term to end and the holidays to come? It seemed to take for ever!


Last week I took end of term assemblies with leavers at both our schools. On Thursday the year 2 infants at Coleshill sat 2 metres apart on tiny chairs in a freezing playground but did their best to wave at me, ‘Hi Tim.’


On Friday the year 6 kids at St Mary’s sat round me in a socially distanced circle in the blazing sun on the grass in the back playground. They have been one of my fave years, such lovely kids, bright and boisterous. But on Friday they were strangely subdued. They were clearly just tired out.


The teachers and head teachers were worse! They could barely speak, and who can blame them? But of course that is just my experience.


However hard they work our GPs always have another surgery of patients clamoring for attention. Most professions feel just the same.


The last few months have been a stressful time for all of us. How has it been for you?  How do we deal with it?


In today’s Bible reading we heard how Jesus and his staff were besieged by people needs. Everyone was worn out. Jesus said to them, ‘Come away to a quiet place all by yourselves and rest awhile.’ (6:31)


Of course it didn’t’ last long. The crowds were back soon enough.

The principle is a good one though: find a quiet place to recover.


Now what might that mean?


The French writer Montaigne said, “An hour’s quiet reading puts any difficult situation into perspective.”


That is certainly true for me. I read in bulk to let my brain cool down.

That is my quiet place. Others find their quiet place in gardening, model making, painting, anything to let the brain cool down and reset itself.


I commend it to you. Like Jesus find your quiet place daily, something, any activity that allows your brain to slow down and regain its balance.


Of course, it won’t last, as Jesus and his friends discovered in very short time, but they had had that quite moment.


What will all this mean for you?

Tim H