Such joy this week. Maybe like me you have been bombarded with GDPR Data unsubscribing emails. What enormous pleasure I have had in deleting myself from their lists.


The Church of England being the C/E of course has produced an official prayer, a collect no less:


Almighty & ever living God from whom all data has its source. 

Help us to manage, store, encrypt & keep safe thy children's data; 

So we may dutifully serve you, & perfectly order our administration as you hold all things in perfect order. 

This we ask...


Love it!


Today is Trinity Sunday. A complicated theme? Not really. This week my trusty old iphone died. The battery swelled up and pushed the screen off. Here is my new Iphone SE, a very Smart piece of kit. Powerful, it handles information well and came at a bargain price. I don’t understand how it works. There is no need to. It puts me in communication with the world and gives me the power I need to do my work. I can marry you with it, that’s power!


Same with the Holy Trinity. There is no need to understand how it works. The Trinity puts me in touch with God through Jesus Christ and liberates the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. I just need to do those things.


Red Kites are wonderful birds. So many of them round here. They don’t work very hard, just use the rising warm air of ground thermals to keep them soaring and on the lookout for tasty snacks. The other bird we get a lot of round here are ducks. Ducks can’t fly very well, they make heavy weather of it. They prefer to waddle or swim about quacking loudly. They build nests, lay some eggs, fuss over the hatchlings, that is what ducks do, a very earthbound existence.


Did you watch the Royal Wedding last week? There has been much in the press for or against the styles of Bishop Michael Curry and Archbishop Justin Welby.

Opinion was divided. In his soaring oratorical style (which reminded me of the Red Kite) Bishop Michael explained how God is love (St John), therefore God is present where love is present, and not just romantic or sentimental love but love which heals broken families, bring peace, rights wrongs and inspires social justice. Amen Bishop!


Archbishop Justin is more duckish. He is concerned with details, there is no particular attempt to engage with an audience, he deals with information and decision making, in fact just in the way he used to run BP.


As I get older I find myself more and more like the former. Detail concerns me less and less, I rise above it to greater things. I can speak with God the Father through Jesus Christ whenever I need, and he sends the unlimited power of the Holy Spirit to liberate me in his service. The Red Kite soars.


God guard my soul,

Establish my body,

Elevate my senses,

Form my habits,

Bless my actions,

Fulfil my prayers,

Inspire holy thoughts,

Pardon the past,

Correct the present,

Direct the future.

                                      Cardinal Newman


The Holy Trinity? We don’t need to understand how it all works, in fact we never will. But get talking, and get soaring!